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Simple Small Batches

We Are on A Mission

We believe so strongly in the health benefits of bone broth that we are determined to educate as many pet owners as possible on the health benefits of this superfood. We know that pet owners are seeking better ways to keep their pets healthier for longer. And we want to help you succeed in this important endeavour.

"Your bone broth was the only thing that our dog could stomach at the end of his life. We were so grateful he had at least had that. Thank you for making such a great product"

Judy & Rob

"It's amazing how much younger she acts since adding bone broth to her diet! She's back to having the Zoomies! She hasn't zoomied in years!"

Frances S

A Canadian Company Supporting Canadian Farms

All of our bones are sourced from ethical Canadian farms. We believe that our farms have some of the best farming practices in the world and we also believe that caring about the wellbeing of these animals matters.

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